Sunday, August 21

When I nearly fell into the gutter and met with old London Ghosts

So I found out about a little secret that London has. So off I went

So I have arrived at the intersection of Charing Cross Road and Old Compton Street in Soho. 

See? lovely old place full of book stores of the dodgy kind.  

And you peer down into the grate. Can you see what I am peering at?

Can you see two signs? Saying Old Compton Street?

Its full of wires and stuff, but the side signs are what are thoroughly fascinating. So the background is that long time back, the street level was much much lower than now. There used to be a pub here and many more buildings.

But in 1896, all this stuff was demolished and the current Charing Cross Road constructed with an office building on top. So nothing else remains, other than these two signs showing two levels of the London street.

it was strange, standing in the middle of the very busy street, peering up and down the grate, getting some very weird looks at me. And then just stood there trying to imagine the old London. I could really feel it, its one of those places where the old London Ghosts roam.

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