Monday, December 19

Marginal REVOLUTION: China fact of the day


Fascinating article and read the chapter 1 on the link given below. The two main reasons why Europe won so many empires is (1) they were better at their health and more disease resistant and (2) their gunpowder technology was much better.

Quite interesting, no?

So how will it work out going forward? USA do the same? As their health and military technology is the best? As th

Small Steps Towards A Much Better World

China fact of the day
Jun 23rd 2015, 17:08, by Tyler Cowen
Qing Dynasty measured some 14.7 million square kilometers in 1790…The two biggest countries in western Europe were under 0.7 million in the late eighteenth century.
That is from Philip T. Hoffman's new and interesting Why Did Europe Conquer the World?, here is the book's home page.  Hoffman does note, however, that if we count empires the Spanish empire was during that time larger than China.

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