Friday, January 6

Clever Girl: A 10-year-old’s advice for surviving Jurassic World


I read this article and loved it. Its a review of Jurassic Park the movie. I remembered that you were scared of some movies which we watched at home and thought of sending this to you so that you can perhaps use these tricks. I remember the first movie which scared me. It was called as The Deep ( and it was relating to an underwater treasure hunt and all that. I remember Dadu and Didu taking me to see the movie in a theater when I was about your age. I was scared, i tell you, and i went out to pee so many times just so that i can avoid watching the scary parts like the shark attacks. And that night, i was so scared that I crept into bed with Dadu and Didu and slept curled up tightly with Dadu. So its fine being scared, Choti, we are there to give you big hugs. Also as I said, you can use some of the techniques given below so that you arent scared the next time we watch a scary movie, yes? 



Yet again Hollywood decided it didn’t need my opinion of a major motion picture, so they screened it after my press deadline. But the man can’t hold me down! Instead of reviewing Jurassic World, the newest entry in the famous dino franchise, I decided to interview a 10-year-old girl about dinosaurs. 


Illustration by Allison Kerek 
Alex: Hi, Una. Do you remember me? We met when your dad and I were on a radio show together. You and I ate doughnuts backstage. 

Una: Ummm. 

Alex: There was a dog there. 

Una: Oh yeah! I don’t remember you, but I know there were people there. 

Alex: That’s OK. I’m forgettable. Anyway, your dad said you’re excited about the new Jurassic Park movie? 

Una: Yeah! I’ve seen the previews for the other ones, and they weren’t as good quality because they were made a long time ago. I’m really excited about the scene where the sea-dinosaur totally owns that shark. That looks aaawesome. 

Alex: So does it seem scary at all? 

Una: Ummm…I guess. 

Alex: Which part? 

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