Tuesday, January 10

The Tampon: A History

Quite an interesting topic son. And nothing to be embarrassed about. You'll face this if you haven't done already. From an economic perspective, think about the fact that improvement in handling menstruation for women can help them be more productive. Unlike in countries in India where they are locked up for the duration of their periods. Or they cannot work properly because of lack of tampons or pads or what have you. Truly ridiculous. 
You have to learn to be sensitive about this son. Women have interesting reactions to their periods and men interested in this. Heck there are apps out there which track a woman's periods so that men can manage their behaviour around them during this time. Some women have strong reactions mentally physically sexually or what have you. Some don't. It's a matter of delicacy. Their biochemical balance changes and one should learn about how and what and where. No rules son, you just have to be cognisant of this and be there for your girl. Hugs and cuddles help along with a thick skin. 
This story will help you understand a bit. 

SASIMOTO / Shutterstock / Kara Gordon / The Atlantic

On Aug. 18, 2011, a thread titled “I design tampons. AMA!” appeared on the news-conversation website Reddit. Hosted by a user named “karnim” who identified himself only as a college-aged male research-and-development intern at one of the “big three” tampon brands (Tampax, Kotex, and Playtex), the thread began with a polite invitation to “ask me anything” (AMA) and a disclaimer. “Much of my work is confidential, so I can't give details about my projects,” karnim wrote, but he could answer “overall” questions about tampons.
In the grander canon of AMA threads—online Q&A sessions hosted by Reddit users with compelling life stories or careers—karnim’s wasn’t the most glamorous or flashy. President Obama, for example, participated in an AMA in 2012. But karnim soon found himself avalanched with reader questions about tampon technology, ranging from the curious (“Why don't they just stop making the cardboard ones?”) to the wisecracking (“Can you make medicated tampons to make women stop actin’ fool when they get their menses?”) to the imploring (“Can you please make tampons with a black or flesh-coloured string? Please?” “How about one that you can leave in for 10 hours and not worry about it?”).
Ten hours later, karnim ended his IAmA, exhausted. “Sorry y'all, but it's been 10 hours, and the questions just keep coming. I need a break.”

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