Saturday, January 5

Egyptian Door Handles in rural India!

Mrignayni is the Madhya Pradesh's state tribal artifact development corporation. In other words, it sells tribal artifacts to the world, very badly. But more about that later.

We were at a small eatery called as Highway Dodi, on the Indore Bhopal Road. Lovely place, loved it, nice and clean, good service!


Nice trees, shady place.

You can see my son grinning away!

In a tiny Mrignayni shop in this eatery, I saw these door handles.

The picture is not showing them clearly but the door handles are clearly ancient Egyptian in nature. That kind of dress, hand ornaments, hair style, structure is totally foreign to MP tribal arts. I suppose globalisation has to strike everywhere! How on earth did they get to that tiny shop, I have no idea.

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