Saturday, January 5

Illiteracy and action in Arab Lands

As a rule, transparency and clarity is good when you want to address a problem. The issue of employment, education, empowerment in the Arab Lands is well known and is being addressed. While the The number of illiterates in the Arab world rose to 70 million last year from 50 million in 1970, it is actually a good sign because the rate of growth of illiterates is less than the growth in general population. This was reported by the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. Personally speaking, I find this organisation as silly as the rest of them (check out the news releases, how on earth are the travels of the Director General conducive to scientific development? and the conferences it holds are breathtaking in stupid and silly topics), but there you go.

Mind you, I feel sad that a great opportunity was lost and this was done. Can you imagine what would have happened if along with these 25 million Quran's, a basic primer on literacy or schooling would have been distributed as well? Ah! well!.

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