Sunday, April 6

More Afghan children condemned to illiteracy

More Neanderthal behaviour, and another school blown up by the moron Taliban. I quote:

Kabul : Insurgents have blown up a school, but fortunately hurt no one, in the eastern Afghanistan province of Paktika, said a statement of the U.S.-led Coalition forces released here on Sunday.

"The school was built by Afghan citizens and sponsored by Coalition forces in Farouq district of Pakitka," the statement said, adding that the incident happened Thursday.

"Villagers told police and Coalition forces that a man with his face veiled exited a taxi in front of the school where detonation occurred approximately twenty minutes after the taxi departed," it added.

On multiple occasions, insurgents in Afghanistan have destroyed schools and threatened to murder teachers in an attempt to undermine Afghan government efforts to provide a better education for Afghan youth.

According to Afghan Ministry of Education, 220 students and teachers have been killed in the militant-related violence.

Curious, no? how they want their people to remain slaves and ignorant?

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