Thursday, April 10

South Asian Islam versus the American South Asian Islam

A very interesting post showing how a wonderful lovely faith has changed when the same people move to another country. I quote:

After reading through a number of works discussing South Asian Islamic history, and also many of the references, I have thought a lot more deeply about the traditions of South Asian culture than my last series of posts on this subject. Every time I read the numerous moving stories, I have marveled at how totally lost Muslim South Asians, especially ex-patriots and their children, have become from their traditional past. While the first Masjid in India was built in Kodungallur by Malik Bin Deenar(R), a Sahabi (during the Prophet’s (S) lifetime), it certainly seems that most of what occurred after that point has been forgotten by South Asian Muslims living abroad.

Do read and ponder.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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