Sunday, July 20

Govt ministers 'couldn't run private companies'

A survey was carried out of the chief executives of UK top 100 companies and this is what they said:

Comparison with the most successful business leaders in the country reveals that the people running public services lack appropriate experience, have near impossible tasks to do and are never in their job for long enough to engage properly with their departments."

Remember what I said? why does public provision have to be done via public sector? Or why government is so bad in this? Not surprising at all.

But well, yes, but that's what democracy is all about, they want average people to run themselves, not technocratic people. CEO's usually get up there based upon merit. Politicians get to the top by skullduggery, pandering to base instincts, being populist and being slightly stupid. If they were very smart, then they are seen as a threat. Witness the reaction whenever a politician shows any sign of using big words, the media dump on him.

So not surprising at all. What do you do? you make it a question of the government deciding what service to provide and at what service levels, while the actual provision is provided to others. But slowly and steadily, government will be chipped away as efficiency and effectiveness will take importance over populism.

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