Sunday, July 20

Want to wind up a Green? Whisper Lomborg to her

I just love Bjorn Lomborg. If nothing else, just the whisper of his name to any kind of green person is guaranteed to send that person into a foaming apoplectic fit of frustrated anger. Just stand back and dont let the foam drop on you. It is very amusing.

Whether online or while talking, if somebody starts talking global warming and you are bored with this boring old subject, just say that but for the past 10 years, the temperature has not rises, it has actually declined as well. And boom, sit back and watch them go apoplectic again.

Very amusing. Here's the guru in action again.

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Update: 20 July 2008: And here is another example of how the greens are so humour challenged and frankly stupid. You see, this is why I sometimes think that the great and good are having their nuts exchanged with their eyes. The academics sometimes are way too stupid and moronic. Just read the story to see how this kind of scaremongering and stupidity makes them take stupid decision (like bio fuels) and treat us like morons (piss off!)

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