Saturday, July 19

So you evicted families from their homes, then what?

Now this is what puzzles me about a supposedly extremely intelligent man who is supposed to have a brain the size of a planet. He is supposedly taking the long term perspective, but most of his decisions, ever since he has become the Prime Minister of UK, all he has been doing is to stumble from one mistake to another.

Here's another classic example. There are feral kids around the kingdom, that is not in dispute. After all, their schooling sucks because the schooling system is spectacularly stupid an incompetent in dealing with problem children. The employment situation sucks because the minimum wage problem has come in as well as health and safety rules have stopped them from setting up their own units. The local councils hate them as they lower the tone and nothing much left for them to do but to form gangs, get pregnant, shoot drugs and do crime. So what's the response? The government wants to kick out the families from government housing if the families do not control their offspring and the kids taken into care

Now, I have major issues with this entire exercise. These kids are feral kids, what makes them think that foster parents or carer's can do the job when their parents failed? And chucking the families out of housing will do exactly what? It will create more underclass and crime families.


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