Sunday, July 13

A Tourist Guide to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

This nearly killed me, I was laughing away like nuts. I think the author is going to get bumped off soon, hehehe. Some interesting quotes:


The male-female ratio of the population is 50-50, even though, according to local traditions in the north, women do not exist. Only men and goats......

Officially called the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, it is a country in South Asia bordering the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the People’s Republic of China and the Bollywood Republic of Hindustan. In the north it also shares a dubious border with the mountainous and scenic Holy Divine United Taliban Emirates of Dhamakaistan....

Pakistan is a multiethnic and multicultural society, where 103 per cent of the population is Muslim, while the rest are animals. So in case of a medical emergency, the non-Muslim tourist is advised to visit a vet instead of a doctor. The 103 per cent Muslims are broken up into various sects with each sect claiming their version of Islam being 104 per cent correct and other interpreters of Islam being 107 per cent wrong and thus deserving death.

best was this one:

The main plank of culture in Pakistan is asking “what is the culture of Pakistan?”

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