Sunday, July 6

Prostitution is frankly fine

I read this story in detail. So now what they are trying to do is to stop men from paying for sex by criminalising the demand side rather than the supply side.

Prostitution is one of the oldest professions known to man, and it has been under control ever since. As before, the economist in me chuckles at the thought of these people still trying to control something as basic as the sex drive. And this is again ultimately going to fail.

Why? because you are trying to stop something that is natural and human driven. Men want to have sex, and they will get it, either via marriage, affairs, relationships or some form of relationship. We have defined a particular type of relationship as an illegal one. The range of hypocrisy involved is breathtaking but lets not go there.

You criminalise men going and picking up women, they will do it on the internet. Or it will still happen but will move into the darker shadows where the women are worse off. Go after the women and you criminalise them unnecessarily.

Any forcible participation should obviously be banned, but here's a question, if one is voluntarily allowing an orifice or organ to be used in return of monetary compensation, what's the problem? I do that, I voluntarily offer my organs to the bank in return of monetary compensation. What's the difference between a hair dresser using scissors and comb on another person versus a prostitute giving a blow job on another person? hypocritical morality, that is what it is. Economically speaking, they are both work, involving physical or mental expenditure. What about a phone sex line? Illegal? that's mental and linguistic prostitution, no?

tough one, but no, actually simple, it should be made legal until and unless it is done against somebody's will. And guess what? all these attempts to control it will fail, just like they have failed for the past thousands of years. OIY morons, repeating steps which have proven to fail but expecting them to work is the work of a what?

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