Friday, August 15

Balancing your books budget

A fascinating article and an even more lovely set of comments which talk about where to get second hand books. I love the idea of second hand books. Unlike food or cars, a second hand book contains exactly the same words and there is no diminution of quality. Also, given the fact that I was dirt poor once, the idea of getting something cheap is wonderful.

If I think about it, I would say that 50-60% of my library relates to second hand books, and I have got most of them from charity shops. I used to purchase heavily from e-bay as well, but ever since I got hit by fraud there, I have now moved to Amazon and have already built up a stonkingly big wish list. One day when I retire...I will have a leather couch in front of a fire and be surrounded with books and a magic cup of tea which never runs out...

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