Monday, August 11

Bizarre messes and the people who clean them!

I have read a lot of bizarre thing, but this was the most bizarre one I have read so far. Can you imagine sitting there watching TV and suddenly you find maggots plopping down from the ceiling on top of your TV? Not just that, but maggots who have been gorging on the dead flesh of your upstairs neighbour? But then, my eyes were drawn to this:

"The flat, and those in the same block, required specialist cleaning and this was completed today.

The above mentioned case was one example. Here's another example of a woman who made a cup of tea and then sat down to watch TV and died - in 1966. She was only found now, without having finished her tea! And here's yet another example. Rachel Whitlear died after a heroin overdose and her photograph was used in a poster campaign for anti drugs. But you can see the photograph in the picture. After the body was taken away, who would have cleaned up such a place?

This made me think, what on earth or rather who on earth would actually be cleaning up a mess like that? I mean, just reading about this damn scene – specially if you have an imagination like mine, can make you nauseous, but to actually have to clean this mess up? And not just clean, but deep clean, so that no trace of it remains, nothing to see, smell or touch…

What a job! I suppose somebody has to do it and since I couldn’t begin to imagine what such a job would entail, I went looking for more information (I know, I am weird at following disgusting stuff like this). And the situation was even more horrifying than I first thought. Some of us humans are really dirty buggers and leave some really really really dirty stuff behind, not only that but there are some situations which really require some hyper cleaning. And I do mean hyper clean!

There are people who do this job. What a job, eh? They are brought in after a variety of situations and for many different reasons. You might have had a fire in your house which will require deep cleaning. Can you imagine yourself cleaning this kitchen?


Or this one?

Or how about trying to clean this flood damaged home?

Or say your home gets hit by a huge sewage spill?

Or a crime scene clean up?

Or this one?

(I tell you, some of the pictures were horrific, these are the more polite ones, some crimes can leave some really really bad stuff behind, and even more so when the crime scene has not been discovered for some time..)

How about mould damage? That gave me the heeby jeebies, imagine all that stuff growing on your walls? Disgusting!.

But hey, guess what? There is an entire industry out there dealing with this. Not only that, this industry is professionally run, with an association and all. For example, there is the British Damage Management Association. And you can get certified as well. And then insurance people would love to have somebody like this, who can judge the amount of damage, the amount needed to clean it up and return it back to normal. Pretty good, no?

All I can say, bloody hell, and thank god we have people like this to clean stuff like this up. Sometimes, these bizarre stories from human life are fascinating and truth is most certainly stranger than fiction!

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