Saturday, September 20

Nine Things to Ask Your Future Boss, the CEO

A very thought provoking set of questions that you might want to ask your boss. While this is for a CFO, several questions do seem to be appropriate for any level of employee. Here are some of the questions which I found interesting.

1. What were the strengths and weaknesses, or what did you like and not like, about the former CFO, both in your working and personal relationships, and what are you hoping to change with a new hire?

2. What critical business decision, or two, did you make over the past few years, and what role did finance and the CFO play?

3. Which financial statements do you focus on and how often do you read financial reports?

4. Tell me about a conflict within the organization and how you handled it.

5. Who are the key outside advisors influencing major decisions? And what's the role of any outside accounting firms — what functions do they perform?

6. What are the company's top business goals, what's the strategy to achieve them, and how are you adjusting your strategy in light of current market conditions? And related to that: Who are your major competitors, why, and what is your organization's competitive advantage?

As a matter of fact, these questions should be answered by the CEO and posted on the finance intranet... (ok, so I can dream)

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