Sunday, October 19

Pandering to fundamentalism in the land of my fathers

Bauls are somebody who I have admired for a long time, albeit from a distance. Its that mystical angle which always appealed to me. It has a very long history and is a very powerful singing medium in the sub continent to pass on religious, political and social thought.

But then typically, some idiot religious fundamentalists in Dakka raised their ugly head and demanded that some statues of these Bauls be torn down. But that's fine, I guess, for a land which is known for its culture to reject culture is perhaps very appropriate. It is also perhaps very appropriate that that country is the country with the lowest average height above sea level. I dont know who to swear at, at the ignorant moron religious fundamentalists who demanded this or the ignorant, stupid, weak, cowardly moronic, illiterate government bodies who gave in. (forget about wastage of the money).

And yes, sculptures are important, they provide the link of my culture and history to my child. If you start letting these bastards interfere with my culture and history, you turn them into zombies and extremists. And I demand a say on the grounds that its Bangla culture they are talking about, Bangla history and Bangla people. Bloody idiots.

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