Sunday, October 19

A schools minister should have a modicum of common sense, ours doesnt

One of the issues that the UK has is that it is blessed with a Schools Minister who has hay between his ears. Every time he has been asked to take a stand, he never fails to sleep and every time he has taken a stand he slips. Take his recent statement, we should let people know what the Muslims did for us. Why? Because

"One of the major reasons for the alienation of British Muslims is a lack of clear identity. This can leave them vulnerable to messages from extremists."

Lets see if we can use commonsense. So if this is a major reason, not the only one, but a major reason, then we should see other minorities also suffering from the messages from extremists, right? Given that the UK has been imperialistic towards a pretty wide variety of people in its past and even currently, we should be seeing pretty much every bloody minority in the country going about with nail bombs, right?

No, you blithering idiot, it has nothing to do with the lack of clear identity and you cannot do anything about it by teaching just that. His solution?

"This offers a whole series of remedies and an education for the rest of us. It is very important for the whole country to understand the hugely positive impact that Islamic inventors have had upon the world, and for Muslims to take pride in it."

This is science (obviously, this Minister has nothing to do with it), and science builds on every scientist, it has nothing to do with religion. Are you going to then institute a session or a Hindu History month to help push the idea of Hindu mathematics, science, technology, astronomy and the like so that the British Hindu population which lacks a clear identity can be helped? Oh! sorry, the British Hindu population is having fun with being good citizens, buying houses, going to Ibiza and puking their guts out and so on and so forth.

Christ (and pun intended, because I need divine assistance to handle the fact that morons like this are responsible for the future education of my children), what an idiot.

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