Sunday, November 9

Analysis: Terror Threat Remains

For some reason (well, ok, so I have been modelling terrorism data but since that is sensitive and not yet published, cant say much about it), I have been thinking the same, it has been too long and we have been lucky too long for this. I am dead sure that we will be looking out for an attack any time now in the UK. And just when I was thinking so, I read this article. I quote:

Over the last few months, we in Britain have become a little obsessed with the economy, falling house prices and the credit crunch, but it should not be forgotten that a significant number of UK citizens have been planning to carry out attacks with the aim of causing mass casualties.

The report leaked to The Sunday Telegraph identifies three areas - London, Birmingham and Luton - which MI5 and Special Branch believe are enclaves or hot beds of terrorist activity, where "some thousands" of extremists committed to supporting Jihadi activities. It is this fact alone which will worry the security services the most.

Each of these areas has sizeable Muslim populations and while the vast majority are peace loving and regard militant Islam as an abomination, some are also in denial about the size of the threat from members of their communities.

Lets put it in this way, I am expecting an attack in the next 6 weeks...I hope to God I am wrong...

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