Sunday, November 9

More Fraud in the EU

Remember this time last year? When the EU court of auditors refused to sign off on the EU accounts? How much you want to bet that they will refuse to sign off again this year? Not much, right?

So let me see if I understand this, for the 14th year running, there is fraud and incompetence running riot in the EU. Almost every area of its running is open to incompetence, fraud, stupidity and frankly corruption.

And then Anonymous had the teremity to argue with me to tell me that I am wrong? Listen, my dear chap, I am currently executing the world's largest financial transformation programme and am knee deep in auditors, accountants and the like. So dont tell me that its technical reasons, you pillock.

Here, read what another person says on this disgusting state of affairs. I quote:


Here we go again. Today, for the 14th year in a row, the European Court of Auditors will unveil their report, telling us that they refuse to clear the EU accounts. What's worse, no one will really seem to care. We are told that the accounts won't be cleared until 2020 - if then.

Having worked inside the Brussels nomenklatura and having being sacked for my insistence that financial controls have to be strengthened, I am not surprised to find that nothing has changed other than the arguments deployed to defend this state of affairs. What the auditors have been saying for years is that most of the payments made by the Commission from its £70 billion-a- year budget cannot be deemed legal or regular. That is, that they cannot confirm those payments have been made to the correct person for the correct purpose and for the correct amount. It stretches credulity to insist, as the Europhiles do, that this does not mean that there is fraud.

Because the payments are made to beneficiaries in the member countries it's easy enough for the institutions to put the blame on those recipients. Which is what they do, claiming that the problem is one of insufficient attention being paid to the paperwork. But who designed the paperwork that no one understands or completes? And who doesn't insist on it being completed? The institutions themselves, of course. Because this control is missing there is no way to protect against fraud or even to uncover it.

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