Sunday, January 11

Boycotts do not work, Ms. Klein

Typically, Ms. Naomi Klein, has proposed to go after Israel to boycott, divest and sanction, and the 4 points that she mentions are so blindingly stupid that one regrets reading it. But then, she has never been one to be intellectually incoherent and prefers to be the shout out and drown out school of political activism.

For example, would she agree to do punitive measures against the USA for doing the same thing with other countries? Would she agree for the same measures against USA for the still continued prevalence of racism? How about using this BDS tactic against USA? and how will you communicate without Israeli inventions? And to think that even sober people have brought into this idea that sanctions work. But then, there is no dearth in people following stupid crazy ideas. The idea that boycotts work is endlessly recycled. I mean, Israel has been boycotted for decades and frankly nothing much work. But then, we need useful idiots to back economic illiterate and politically stupid arguments.

If you go for the reductio ad absurdum principle, then you think that USA is supporting Israel, so it should be boycotted and since she is an American, presumably she is asking for a boycott of herself? Here's my previous full length essay refuting main argument.

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