Sunday, March 22

Taliban kill Islam

Gosh, I thought Savile Row and the English were strict about the sartorial standards but the Taliban take it to fantastic lengths. Imagine this situation. I quote:

A teacher who once fought as a mujahideen against Soviet occupation forces in Afghanistan as been gunned down by the Taliban in Pakistan’s troubled Swat valley for not hiking up his ‘salwar’ or trousers above his ankles.

The militants say hiking up the trousers is essential for offering prayers. Former mujahideen Amjad Islam, who was working as a teacher in a private school in Swat, was gunned down yesterday for not hiking his salwar above his ankles. The militants then went to Islam’s house and gunned down his father, Ghani Akbar, a lawyer by profession.

You are right, obviously it was his father’s fault for not teaching his son to know about the right length of his trouser legs.

Islam’s body was later hung by the militants from a pole in the College Square in Matta town and locals were warned not to touch it till Friday. The body was taken down and moved to Islam’s house after a local jirga intervened.

You have to admire the chaps. I mean, they are so well meaning that they want to now use Islam’s body as a dummy to show the recommended length of the salwar to all the rest of the population. Too bad the local jirga did not appreciate their well meaning desire to show off Islam.

Locals also said Islam’s father was a religious and humble man who was well respected in the area.

Ah, but he did not know about the right salwar length. So obviously he is not religious enough.

Truly, Islam is dead. Killed by the Students of Islam (that’s what Taliban means). Over 2 inches of cloth. On the ankles.

The ironies are just gobsmacking.

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Gallimaufry said...

Tragic incident! This reminds me of a pithy dialogue in a Pakistani film "Khuda Ke Liye". A learned maulvi is asked to testify in court about the improprieties committed by an individual. He says, "deen mein daadhi hai, daadhi mein deen nahin hai!" (Trans.: the faith prescribes keeping a beard, but the beard alone does not make a man religious).
Evidently, the Taliban don't know this....