Sunday, April 26

What Chutzpah, petition the PM to resign on his site

This is furiously funny. Number 10, the British Prime Minister setup this site so that people can petition the PM on civil, social, political and other matters which are not being addressed suitably. Pretty good idea, but the best one is when a petition is launched to ask him to resign :)

I signed it. If nothing else, I need him to go just because his smile is bloody frightening to my kids. See his smiles? The man is a terror:



and then he bloody pics his nose in public!!!in Parliament

But the most frightening thing is when he smiles here in his latest idiotic wheeze. Just watch the first 5-6 seconds.

And you pillock, the young people who dont want to become an MP is because of pillocks like YOU, YOU have a huge amount of responsibility for this situation that British Politics suck.

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