Saturday, May 9

How Water Went on Sale and Why We Bought It

Great book review, I would very rarely purchase water but still see quite a lot of them going about with bottles of water. And I think, IDIOT!

Anyway, some excerpts:

Americans and bottled water--what is the deal? Can anyone leave home without their plastic bottle of water? Americans view bottled water as commonplace and normal, those plastic bottles are ubiquitous, but actually the practice is a bit odd. When my parents were kids, they never had a bottle of water stuck in their sack lunch--they used the water fountain. What happened? Why are people now willing to pay a premium for something they can get cheaply out of their tap? And what is the environmental and social impact of the choice to buy bottled?

In her book Bottlemania, Elizabeth Royte offers a balanced, accessible account of the rise in popularity of bottled water, while laying out the pros and cons of both bottled and tap water from health, environmental, and ethical perspectives. People in the United States are beginning to question the marketing juggernaut that is bottled water, yet the business still generates billions of dollars annually for multinational corporations and boutique bottlers. Throughout her book, Royte uses the small town of Fryeburg, Maine, as a central example to explore the questions bottling water generates from a community to a global level.

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