Wednesday, May 6

Writing to yourself when you were 16 years of age

This letter was written by Stephen Fry recently to himself at the age of 16 years of age. Following on from that, the Guardian opened up a page for others to write their own thoughts here. It really got me thinking, do I really want to write back to myself when I was 16 years of age? Or more importantly, even if I had received the letter, would I have read it as I would have read it right now? No, I wouldn't do it, if I had to write, all I would do is to say, carry on, son, have a great time :). I think the main reason why these people are writing to themselves is that they regret their youth and later years. For some reason, I dont. I have disappointed many people like my parents and and and but do i regret my time? No, dont think so.

Oh! well, food for thought, eh?

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