Saturday, May 16

Sri Lanka and the left

And good question. I quote:

Credit to Andy Newman of Socialist Unity for stating the obvious:

Recent report of war casualties in Sri Llanka suggest that the scale of killing is now much worse than we saw in Gaza at the beginning of this year.

To which the commenter logan responds:

I was on a bus yesterday, late afternoon, going past the HofP and saw large numbers of Tamils, but no banners from the left. If this is worse than Gaza why isn’t there a mass mobilisation?

Now you see why the Gaza/Israeli/Palestinian support leaves me cold and them open to accusations to anti-Semitism? Its not just the left. No British teacher association protests, nobody from the journalists association moaning, no lawyer associations pounding the desks. Nothing. Result? Clear and open anti Semitism. The various Muslim Association protests are also the same because more Muslims are killed in Sudan and nary a peep, but that is pretty obvious and the fact that they want to stand up when others kill them and sit when their own kill their own is understandable, they are religiously driven. But nothing explains the behaviour of the British political establishment other than pure and simple Anti Semitism.

Also see the comments, fascinating to see the guys trying to defend this indefensible position.

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