Saturday, May 16

There is nothing British about the BNP

See my previous essay on this odious, disgusting, racist party. Also see this site. Plus these BNP chaps think that their party is snow white (pun intended), but look at their member list. Typically low brow criminal sorts fill the party. Just some examples…



Position in the BNP

Ian Hindle

Statutory rape of a minor.


Andrew Wells

Statutory rape of a minor. Engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a minor.


Lockhart Kneen

Racially and religiously aggravated harassment. Distributing racist materials.

Ran an operation selling BNP magazines.

Martin Glasgow

Racially aggravated assault.

Chesterfield BNP fund holder.

Anthony Weeks

Racially aggravated assault.

Member (Darlington).

Andrew Kendall

Racially offensive behaviour.


Shaun Jones

Verbal assault.

Supporter (Wales).

Dominic Bugler

Possession of an imitation firearm. Two-year ASBO for violent and drunken behaviour. Eviction.

BNP candidate for Pelsall ward, Walsall.

Robert Bennett

Gang rape. Affray.

Oversaw BNP leafleting campaign in Oldham 2002.

Jamie Sedgewick

Racially aggravated verbal abuse of a police officer.

Member (Morden).

David Copeland

Mass murder.

Active member.

Robert Cottage

Possession of explosives. Conspiracy to cause and explosion (not proven yet).

Member and former council election candidate.

David Enderby


BNP Councillor (Redditch).

Richard Mulhall

Four counts of benefit fraud.

BNP Council Group leader. Political agent for winning BNP candidate Adrian Marsden. The BNP won Mixenden ward at Calderdale Council in West Yorkshire in a 2003 by-election.

Robert McGlynn

Shouting racist abuse.

Activist (Swansea).

Allen Boyce

Incitement to possess explosives.

BNP supporter (former National Front Remembrance Day parade bugler).

Angela Clarke

Resisting arrest.

Former BNP councillor.

Luke Smith

Violent disorder and other violent offences.

Former BNP Burnley councillor.

Stephen Bailey

35 charges of criminal damage. 19 charges of arson.

BNP activist (Lincoln).

Roderick Rowley

Making, distributing and possessing obscene images of children.

Former BNP candidate (Coventry).

Karl Hanson

Possessing heroin and crack cocaine.

Former BNP candidate in Huddersfield.

Terry Collins

Year-long campaign of terror against Asian families in Eastbourne. Possession of bullets. Racially aggravated criminal damage.

Member (Eastbourne).

Brian Wainwright

A campaign of hate mail against a local mosque.

BNP Parliamentary candidate for Hull.

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