Sunday, May 17

BNP: war hero Johnson Beharry only got medal because he is black

I have just finished writing a longish essay on snipers from the British Regiment which had Johnson Beharry as well but this caught my eye. Johnson Beharry was awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest honour possible in the UK. This is what the BNP website said, and quoting from here.

Quite apart from the fact that replica VCs are also sold by the National Army Museum, and therefore is also condemned in his words, the awarding of the VC to Beharry himself was shrouded in controversy, with critics saying that all he did was drive away very fast from a combat zone.

The action for which Beharry was awarded a VC took place in Iraq on 1 May 2004, when the vehicle he was driving was ambushed. Beharry drove through the ambush to safety - as have hundreds and hundreds of other British soldiers in Iraq under similar circumstances.

This type of action is so common in combat zones, that it actually happened again to Beharry on 11 June 2004, when an identical scenario played itself out.

Despite the fact of driving through an ambush is actually routine for all military vehicles drivers in the British Army in Iraq, the politically correct Ministry of Defence decided to elevate this particular occasion to something worthy of the VC.

At the time, critics pointed out that the VC was normally only awarded for gallant acts of bravery such as the Defence of Rorke’s Drift,  head on enemy attacks such as in the trenches of World War I and so on - and that driving a vehicle through an ambush hardly compares to any of these deeds.

Critics suggested that the only reason that Beharry was singled out for a VC was because of a made-up “positive discrimination” directive by the PC-mad government. The less kind critics might now say that possibly Beharry should be the one to be wearing a replica VC instead of a real one.

This is plain and simple saying that Private Beharry only got the VC because of politically correct gestures rather than bravery. But what else do you expect from an intellectually incoherent party like BNP? In any case, if their ideology has to be accepted, they would be asking the Gurkhas and Private Beharry to get out of the UK.

Now that their nuts are on the line, they are whining and moaning away. Pretty cheap, low and frankly racist of them. Pathetic. Ungrateful, Racist. No more, no less. And get some dignity, but that might be asking for too much.

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