Monday, July 27

India opens door to foreign universities

Excellent news. As you know, I came abroad to study from India, but I would say that having MORE educational institutions in India is going to help. Its basically the corrupt who dont want it (constrain demand so they can charge more) and the ideologically stupid (oooo, the americans are coming…) who are against it.

Idiots. Millions of Indian students study abroad, taking valuable monies from India and spending it outside. Most stay back in foreign climes like I did. Who is losing out? Some of the factoids in this report were scary:

By some estimates, the country needs to build 1,500 universities over the next five years to equip enough people with the skills to sustain rapid growth in Asia’s third-largest economy.

Bloody hell, 1500 universities!!!!, are you joking? but I dont think they are joking.

According to the University Grants Commission, only 9 per cent of 20-25 year olds enrol for a college degree.

Eeps, that’s very low!

Here’s a great comment:

Aamir Khan, the Bollywood actor, told Hillary Clinton, US secretary of state, this week that people who were attracted to teaching were often those who could not find employment elsewhere. “The majority of teachers are people who are not really interested in teaching to begin with, and probably are not entirely fit for it and are not the brightest minds either . . . By and large in India, the people getting into education are [there] because they can’t find a place for themselves anywhere else,”

These are the people who are coming out who will be treating your diseases, teaching your children, building your houses and constructing your trains. Is that a good idea?

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