Monday, July 27

Spending a cool £0.5 billion on politicians

Coolness personified. We are ending up spending half a billion pounds on about 29,000 people on top of the political tree. I quote:

The number of politicians and their advisers on the UK public payroll now tops 29,000, The figure includes councillors, MPs, peers, MEPs, members of the Scottish Parliament and Welsh and Northern Ireland assemblies and their staff. Their total cost is estimated at more than £499m for the year 2007/8.

Please bear in mind that this figure doesnt include the MEP travel or expenses which could bump it up a wee bit. But why are we surprised, take a look a the growth of public sector in the country over the last 100 years.


So what' the share of the economy this year?

Almost 43% is being generated off the back of the 56% generated by us. Now that’s not a parasite, that’s a cannibal. How long and how much would these blood sucking buggers suck our lives out? Compared to that kind of spend, 1/2 a billion is measly change, no?


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