Friday, December 11

Book burning

A photograph from old times showing a pile of books being burnt during Nazi times. For a bibliophile like me, its really painful to watch.


here’s a video.

Hitler’s willing executioners. Never forget that it was the ordinary people who did this, nothing special, nothing ideological. None of the namby pamby excuses of a small minority who did this. The holocaust and this kind of book burning was done, abetted, helped and encouraged by the ordinary people who carried this out. This is why the people like the BNP are dangerous. They are common people, they are normal people, they might just live next to you, perfectly happy but their ideas of asking non white people to leave the country will lead to exactly the situation like the above. And no, i am not violating Godwin’s law, but hope you can see the parallels.

Sighs, what harm did the books do? But interestingly enough, read this story in the economist today. What do you do with Nazi tracts? I quote:

What to do with 4,000 copies of such titles as “The White Man’s Bible”? They didn’t feel comfortable burning books. So they offered them to some artists. The art that resulted—origami peace cranes made from torn-out pages of neo-Nazi drivel, and so forth—is touring the state until next summer.

Here’s a sneak preview:

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