Wednesday, December 9

That’s a damn expensive watch!

I was looking for a Christmas present for my friend Luca, on Amazon on the watches section, when I inadvertently clicked on the sort button “highest to lowest price”. this is what showed up:


Its obviously a typo, but I refuse to pay £76.5 million for a Casio! Here’s the entry. Its still up! And only 1 item left in stock, heh.


Jitesh said...

Casio seems to have slashed down the price for this beauty since you posted this entry. It is now available for just 72 GBP with free shipping. Now that's a discount...x-mas couldn't be any better!!

Steve Foerster said...

The price is down to £71.99. I suppose they had trouble moving them at the previous price and had to offer a steep discount -- although, even one millionth the previous price strikes me as a lot for something so unstylish looking!

BD said...

lol, i was just gobsmacked at it when I saw the price..