Tuesday, December 22

Why their IT hates our IT

This was quite an interesting article. Go read the full thing.


I am very surprised that these Pakistani generals think that corporate FDI is so fickle that it can get negated by bombing the Infosys campus. The network effects, the existing capacity in India all means that its too much invested to remove. And where can you remove the offshoring/outsourcing to? Philippines, Egypt, China all are also facing Islamic terrorism. If they pull it back to UK and USA, oh!, guess what? they are also facing Islamic Terrorism. But then, never expect military officers to know about strategy.

But are the Americans listening? I am afraid not. Here’s a prediction, this problem will not be resolved and will actually will become bigger and bigger the more the Americans rely on the Pakistani Army. Here’s an example, since 9/11 and even before, we knew the problem was the Pakistani Army. Since 9/11, what has the American polity, army and intelligence agencies done to get the Pakistani people on its side and improve democracy? compared to the assistance given to the Pakistani Army? See what I mean? totally disbalanced.

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iamyuva said...

ya, i agree. its bad strategy..and it does no good for pakistan and no harm for india.. and it is also true that india cant have peace if pakistan dont have peaceful democracy.