Saturday, December 26

Tongue-poking 'illegal'

Be warned, anybody who nips into Italy and pokes their tongue out. I quote:

It is illegal to poke your tongue out at someone to insult them, Italy's highest court of appeal said Friday.The Cassation Court turned down an appeal by a farmer in the Marche region who claimed his incriminated gesture, caught on a camera phone by a neighbour he was arguing with, was "not offensive" but a mere "grimace".
The farmer, Carlo O., was convicted of insulting the other man by a justice of the peace in Fabriano last year. The Cassation Court said the conviction must stand and Carlo O. would have to pay damages, to be set in a separate civil trial. The criminal penalty for the tongue-poking was not divulged but Carlo O. was ordered to pay his neighbour's court costs of 1,300 euros.

Now that’s priorities for you, forget about the corruption and constitutional questions and and other things that the highest court needs to worry about, but in this case, it thinks that insults are important enough to debate and pronounce judgement upon!

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