Saturday, January 9

Who is the big cheese then? Surprise – the UK

Hot diggity dog, i would never have thought this. I quote:

“How can anyone govern a nation that has two hundred and forty-six different kinds of cheese?” General Charles de Gaulle famously asked.

But a burst of innovation among Britain’s cheesemakers in the past 15 years means Gordon Brown might now have grounds to ask the question even more plaintively than France’s postwar leader.

A new cadre of artisan cheese producers and a middle-class obsession with the provenance of produce have helped propel Britain to the top of an international league table that measures varieties of cheese produced per head of population.

Britain’s “innovation score” of 11.4 cheese variants for every million people puts it ahead of Switzerland with 9.6 types of cheese per 1m people, and France with 9.2.

Now something else to crow over those damn frogs :). I love my cheese despite it being horrible for my health, lol. Here’s some of the good stuff I have got for the Christmas dinner :)


It has Red Leicester, Cheddar, Cornish Camembert and a fruity cheese. Also in the fridge is a big lump of Bavarian Smoked Cheese. Yummy :)

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