Saturday, February 6

BAe escapes corruption deal – showing Labour is also corrupt

So British Aerospace escapes by just paying £286m in fines to the governments in the USA and UK. There will be no further investigation. There will be nobody who will be charged with actually being corrupt. This British Company went about selling its wares in Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, the Czech Republic, South Africa and Hungary. And all these places, they went and crapped all over normal rule of law, bribed and did illegal things. I dont care that much about USA, they already have got good anti corruption measures, but here? Not even ONE person has been convicted under the prevention of corruption act.

This, to me, shows that Labour is corrupt through and through, otherwise why would it accept this bargain? And I find it extremely stupid of this government to do this. I actually think that the government is illiterate and stupid. Yes, seriously deficient in its thinking. Let me go further. I do not think that the government is merely incompetent, this government is actually stupid and whoever has been taking decisions on this matter (presumably this goes up to Gordon Brown), is actually a moron. Unable to comprehend basics of law enforcement or proper judicial matters. What is the point of fining the company when the fine will end up being paid by either the tax payer (through more expensive defence equipment) or the shareholders (through lesser dividends) or Joe public through lower quality goods. Who were the actual people who committed this crime? The sales guys, the sales directors, the auditors, the directors of the company, the senior managers who signed off this deal? they are walking away with the bonus elements and salaries. So not even one person was found guilty. It was a victimless crime. Ha! Absolutely moronic.

And our international reputation is shot, we are now going to slide even further in the rankings of transparency international. Gordon Brown and his cohorts can send their kids off to other countries, but our kids have to grow up listening to how Gordon Brown has helped in sliding our country down the rankings for total corruption perceptions index. We are 17th off the top in the world and even in Europe, we are 12th from the top. What the hell?

What is to stop these corrupt guys and company from doing it again? Oh! they have setup "an ethics board”. Yes, that would be about as use as a wet paper towel against a missile.

This just confirms my feeling, that the current Labour government is not only corrupt at best, but actually mentally deficient and stupid at worst. Do I want frikking idiots running my country? NO!

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