Friday, February 5

German Christian Homeschoolers May be Granted USA Political Asylum

This is at par with the white fellow from South Africa who complained about racism and then was given asylum in Canada. You read this story and do a double take at the idea. But it is true, there is definitely racism towards whites at the moment. Yes, you can say that it is restoring ancient wrongs done by the white forefathers, but how do you justify the sins of fathers being visited on the children? One cannot and it is racism pure and simple. Reverse racism if you will.

Now take this example, this German couple fled Germany to the USA because they wanted to home school their children. Now as a libertarian, I am very happy with this. The state has absolutely no right to come between a parent and their child in terms of the schooling. If they want to home school, then they should be allowed to do so. Here’s another detailed report on the story.

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