Tuesday, March 9

Demographic Time Bomb in Greece

From here.


Are rest of the OECD countries listening? they need to attract the young and upcoming lot…As the blog says, the young and mobile are going to move off even more and that will mean that the future tax take is going to suffer until and unless immigration helps. Like hell it will. And if you think that the birth rate is going to help, then think again. Since 2003, the birth rate was 9.79 births per 1000 and it has fallen to 9.45 in 2009. That is a serious drop. In terms of comparison, its 205 on the list of nations. To make matters worse, the old chaps are dying faster, 9.86 in 2003 to now 10.51 in 2009 as the old chaps reach life expectancy and start dying. The country is going to empty out…

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