Monday, March 8

Transatlantic corruption probes to increase

GOOD. It is clear that the British Government simply refuses to touch corruption in any shape or form, just look at how it treated BAe. I quote:

British companies suspected of corruption will face more co-ordinated transatlantic probes such as the landmark investigation that led to the UK arms maker BAE Systems paying a near-record fine, the head of the Serious Fraud Office has warned.

Richard Alderman defended the contentious deal and said the SFO expected to strike similar “global settlements” in coming cases in which it was working with the US Department of Justice and other agencies.

The closer involvement of the US – with its wider international reach, tougher powers and harsher punishments – heightens the threat to companies but may be seen by some as an admission that big business still feels it has little to fear from British prosecutors.


But lawyers specialising in fraud cases say that, for all the joint US-British cases coming through, London still needs to do much more to demonstrate it can work independently of Washington in tackling big companies and individual executives

Shameful on us Brits that we cant even clean up after ourselves. And for these guys who are defending their dealing of the BAe case, let me ask one thing, do they think invisible men did the corrupt dealings that they think a fine will be enough. WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE DEALS? NAME THEM, CHARGE THEM, CONVICT THEM AND CHUCK THEM INTO JAIL.

they are criminals and we let them off. May they rot in hell. Hate these corrupt bastards.

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