Sunday, May 30

IT 4 children in hospital selected as the official charity for World Environment Day

I was quite chuffed to hear that the IT4CH charity was selected as the official charity for the firm which is celebrating World Environment Day. This is for next Friday, June 4th. The idea is that people are going to dress down, if you are wearing a suit and are square and boring and a total git, you have to pay £2, if not, and you are cool and excitable and a thoroughly good egg, you will get charged £1.

Here’s hoping people will be boring as heck and pay up more for the charity :). In the meantime, I thanked the various senior IT managers who have been instrumental in helping to release our old equipment for the charity. This is really good stuff, feels good to work for a firm which obviously cares for the environment, society and people. It shows up in the highest brand values and regularly tops the polls for the best place to work competitions.

Separately, we now have taken possession of a nice little property in London which we can use to store more equipment and use it for offices. I think this will truly help the charity move further along. I met Julia Ryan, who was the person who came up with the original idea for the charity. She heads up the arts department in a Hollywood TV studio with a clutch of hits under her belt. She manages to get us quite a lot of celebrity gift items which go further to help us along by auctioning them :).

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