Monday, May 17

Squatters take over ex-minister's Colosseum flat

You really couldn't make this up. The bare faced cheek and corruption is gobsmacking. I quote:

Leftist youths campaigning to free up housing in Rome on Thursday moved into a flat overlooking the Colosseum vacated last week by a minister who quit when he was unable to explain who paid for it.
Industry Minister Claudio Scajola was forced to resign after claiming not to know who put up 900,000 euros of the 1.5 million euros paid for the flat.
He denied it was a Rome businessman, Diego Anemone, embroiled in a string of graft probes.
Several dozen members of a leftist militant squat called Pack Your Bags moved into the minister's former home.

This is unbelievable. Sort of puts the duck ponds and moat cleaning expenses scandal in the UK Parliament in the shade, no?

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