Wednesday, May 19

View of the world from a 13 year old boy

These are some of the responses Karn wrote for his school homework, he asked me to print them off but I decided to knick them and post them. Quite interesting to see his thought processes. First was on Citizenship


What is citizenship about? Citizenship is about various things for example:

· Working as a community

· Our roles in society

· Charity

· Patriotism

Working as a community is how we contribute to the general community we live in.

Our roles in society is about how everything we do affects the people around us. For instance, littering ruins the environment; recycling makes the area cleaner; walking instead of driving makes the air less polluted.

We also find out how Charities are run and how they are funded, why they support the cause they do.

We also look at patriotism and what it means to be British, a member of the country.

Second was on Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King – born on the 15th of January 1929, - is one of the most famous men, peacefully fighting for racial equality, more specifically for black peoples rights. He also is famous for the brilliant, speech he gave – I had a dream. Throughout his life he stayed dedicated to his cause, for human rights, equality and justice.

He also lead and was involved in many campaigns and movements, including the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which was so enraging to some people to the extend that his house was mercilessly bombed. He was also involved in the Albany movement and Birmingham Campaign all events leading up to the March to Washington where the absolutely astounded the crowd with his ‘I had a dream’ speech with still is recognized as one of the finest speeches of all time.

However heart stirring his efforts were, there were always the relentless people that were ignorant of it, on the 4th of April 1968 he was assassinated.


Martin Luther King was heavily influenced by Gandhi due to his huge success with his non-violent activism. Martin even made a journey to meet Gandhi’s family and there he learned about the ways of non-violent resistance and increasing his determination towards increasing black people’s civil rights.

Third was on what he thinks it means to be British. Funny, eh?


This is what the kinds in England are growing up to think of what’s to be British and one of the hero’s of mankind.

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