Wednesday, January 5

More charity options

Given that I will soon be completing my studies, I thought of trying to find something local to assist. Also I am pushing Karn to join into doing something charitable, good for his development and good to give something back. Lazy git that he is, he was whining away but he has come up some ideas such as reading to partially or unsighted / blind people, assisting in website development, etc.

Anyway, I also checked out the Do-It website. Looks like a neat idea for people to search for volunteering opportunities, so I have plonked down couple of enquiries to assist as a Photographer with Community Link-Up, Trustee/director with Home-Start (Hillingdon) and Trustee with Creative Performance Limited. Dont have much detail on this, but the first one looks like it does projects with young uns, the second is for assisting people at their homes and the third is for creative performance. Lets see..

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