Thursday, January 6

Yearly leave of 3 months in the EU

Now this is very nice indeed. I quote:

Despite being paid six figure salaries, 1,962 of EU's most senior civil servants have been allowed to join a "flexitime" scheme, originally meant for lower paid secretarial staff, that gives an extra 24 days off work every year for those that put in an extra 45 minutes a day in the office.

The perk comes on top of annual holidays of 24 days as well as seven days off for public holidays, and in 2010, 11 "non-working" days out of the office when the Brussels institutions are closed in summer and at Christmas.

The allowances mean that last year many EU staff were entitle to 66 days or 13 weeks or a quarter of the year off work.

I found it further amusing that Inge Grassler thinks that leadership roles with 6 figure salaries in industry work 37.5 hours. Which industry would that be, Inge? Leadership roles at that level frequently put in 50 hour average weeks. bah!

This is indeed bloody strange and what a rip off.

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