Sunday, February 13

Home Start–the voyage begins

So as i had said before, I looked around to check out where else I can assist now that the PhD is completed. On the Do-It website, found that they were looking for trustees so I applied, got to speak to the Home Start scheme manager, and then filled out a clutch of forms and finally got to meet the chairperson of trustees and the scheme manager.

I was disgracefully late, the place is just 10 miles away from me and I totally underestimated the traffic, landed about 8 minutes late. It was in a church and met the ladies. Quite an interesting setup, this unit provides assistance to families with children under 5 years of age and helps people who have mental health problems, unemployment problems, domestic violence, etc. Volunteers are trained, CRB checked and then associated with a family. Then they create and agree a goal for 3 months and try to achieve it.

The unit is primarily funded via government grants and there are cutbacks on the horizon with the deficit reduction plans of the government. I actually think this is good. This is purely community service and we should be able to do things that can assist in local and national fund raising that can assist in making sure that we have a sustainable business model. Relying on getting funding from local authorities or central government is not a sustainable business model, it will shrink and go away. There are also some financial tricks and tips that I have which hopefully I can bring to the table with assisting in fund raising.

So have been invited to attend a board meeting next week, lets see how that turns out.

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