Monday, February 14

Why blame the parents for fraud?

See this article. I quote:

Head teachers claim stimulants are being over-prescribed to young children, who they suspect are not sufferers of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). They say unscrupulous parents of troubled youngsters are pushing for an ADHD diagnosis to claim disability benefits.

"I think parents are very well aware of how the system works, in terms of obtaining the drugs for their children, and the monetary gains that they get through a diagnosis."

As an economist, this behaviour is perfectly logical. When given the choice of getting money for very little pain, who wouldnt say no? Morals aside, that’s perfectly incentivised. Lets say this, you get a chance of getting a steady stream of money in return for you having to lie a bit to your doctor, you dont even have to give your child the medicine and you get money. Hey, parents are experts in lying, specially when the child asks difficult questions, no?

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