Tuesday, August 2

Give a good reason for Circumcision

Yes, I understand this reason to be circumcised.

Circumcision is making headlines again, but this time on the other side of the globe. A successful circumcision campaign in South Africa worked to help decrease HIV infections in men by 76%, The Times reported. The results of the campaign could be a game-changer for countries with high HIV transmission rates. Clinical trials showed similar evidence, but the campaign demonstrated it in practice.Despite the results of the South African campaign, researchers aren’t completely sure why the procedure has such positive results. Other studies have shown that the foreskin has a high concentration of cells affected by HIV, and circumcision prevents the growth of viruses and bacteria, according to The Times' Booster Shots blog. Now, the researchers are looking into whether the procedure has also benefited women.

But don't circumcise just because some wrinkly old git 5000 years ago said so in some dusty old religious tome. Be scientific and smell the coffee you religiously oriented gits.

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