Saturday, August 6

Ultra Orthodox Jews do want jobs

I was always told and knew that Ultra Orthodox Jews didnt want to do work and just wanted to study. And were responsible for Sun Spots, problems in Malaysia and the state of the rain forest in Brazil (joke!). Anyway, this article made me blink.

“Well, to find a job, like everyone else here,” was Ya’akov’s smiling answer to the question of what brought him to Sunday’s haredi employment fair in Jerusalem.
The 31-year-old Jerusalem resident was one of an estimated 4,000 ultra-Orthodox men and women who flocked to Binyanei Ha’uma to be exposed to a variety of frameworks offered to haredim seeking to enter the employment force. Booths representing a plethora of employers ranging from Bezeq to Beit Shemesh Engines and the Jerusalem Municipality were stationed alongside a few military and national service representatives, who provided information about the unique programs they offered haredi men, with the colleges and vocational training institutions scattered throughout.

And not just men for those thinking this is just a patriarchal element.

Meller estimated that over 2,000 women arrived for the first part of the day – which was divided between men and women – vying for some 600 positions offered by employers.

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