Monday, August 8

Growing Racial Wealth Gap

This story, as usual, bangs on about how there is a huge growing gap between Whites and Hispanics.

And as Asians do not fit into the dominant discourse about how the whites have been subjugating and racially abusing the blacks and Hispanics, they simply ignore that data. Very amusing. These kind of exclusions are what makes statistics and economics so interesting but when scientists and researchers like this do such dishonest research, then its more amusing and makes one pity towards the researchers rather than the poor blacks or Hispanics. Bah!

Here is the full report. The entire summary completely managed to ignore Asians aside for a small note. And it was explained away by saying that they account for 5% of the population. This drop itself is so interesting, the biggest drop of all.

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bix1951 said...

less than $20,000 does not look like wealth at all!