Friday, November 25

Career Choices and Education


I came across this article. I quote:

Laurel O’Gorman is one of the faces of Occupy Toronto. She believes the capitalist system has robbed her of her future. At 28, she’s studying for a master’s degree in sociology at Laurentian University in Sudbury. She’s also the single mother of two children. “I’m here because I don’t know what kind of job I could possibly find that would allow me to pay rent, take care of these two children and pay back $600 each month in loans,” she said.

Here’s Boston resident Sarvenaz Asasy, 33, who has a master’s degree in international human rights, along with $60,000 in student loans. She dreamed of doing work to help the poor get food and education. But now she can’t find a job in her field. She blames the government. “They’re cutting all the grants, and they’re bailing out the banks. I don’t get it.”

Then there’s John, who’s pursuing a degree in environmental law. He wants to work at a non-profit. After he graduated from university, he struggled to find work. “I had to go a full year between college and law school without a job. I lived at home with my parents to make ends meet.” He thinks a law degree will help, but these days, I’m not so sure.

There are 3 examples of people who are picking up some serious amounts of debt but have no idea how to get a job or to pay for it. At this moment, they are in trouble. So the question that comes up is, what is the link between the course you do and the job you get? Its vital to think about that piece otherwise you will end up like people mentioned here, people with debts, responsibilities and a degree which is useless for any kind of job. So what happens? They protest. Not good.

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